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If you’re in need of a standard number plate that meets all current government regulations or a personalised one, feel free to contact In Car Services. We are registered with the DVLA and serve clients from across Leicester, Leicestershire and surrounding areas.

Proof of ownership of the registration number

Before your order is accepted, you are required to prove your identity and ownership of the registration number. For this, you can post your documents securely and we’ll return them via registered post, or you can bring them to our store personally.

Documents to confirm your identity include driving licence, gas, water or electricity bill, passport and debit or credit card. You can use your vehicle registration certificate, the new keeper supplement, retention document and other similar documents to prove entitlement of the registration number.

We offer a range of car accessories fitting services in Leicester.

Some frequently asked questions

What is bottom line?
If LEGAL DEFAULT is displayed then the manufacturer’s details are printed on the plates. Choosing to enter your own bottom line may mean the plates are NOT for road use.

What is BS mark?

When INCLUDE – FOR ROAD USE is displayed the plates will meet the legal requirement. If EXCLUDED -FOR PERSONAL USE is displayed the plates will not have the mark, making them illegal. The BS Mark confirms the British Standard for the components, used in the manufacture of the number plates, has been met.


If LEGAL – FOR ROAD USE is displayed then the spacing will be exactly that, legal. However, if SHOW – FOR PERSONAL USE is displayed, you have control over how the registration is spaced and may NOT be for road use. Click the button to toggle between one and other.

Are the 3D type styles legal?

Yes, the DVLA states that the use of 3D type styles is legal.

Are the 3D type styles actually raised from the plate?

No, the characters are not raised from the plates, it is a 2D black and grey effect.

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