Target LT400 Laser Jammer

Key Features

Target LT400 Laser Jammer

The garage door opener that also happens to jam laser guns.

The Target LaserTrack is a Class 1 Laser Remote Control System which can be used for various actions. Using Target’s patented Remote Control technology, the LaserTrack can be used to open an electronic garage door, electronic gates or a security light fully automatically – i.e. without the need to press a remote control key fob.

LT400 – Car Transponder System (Car Kit)

The system has over 4.5 billion unique codes so you can be assured of security. The system can also handle up to 50 different vehicle transponders, meaning that you can have a LaserTrack system installed and functioning on every car you, or your business may have!

The intelligent technology recognises signals of other laser systems using the same wavelength (904 nanometres) and shuts itself off to prevent failures, informing the driver through a visual and audio signal.

The Target LaserTrack system is also available in several packages

* LT400 Car Kit- includes everything needed to fit a vehicle transponder to your car
* LT430 Home System – includes everything needed to fit a home transponder and controller circuit board to a garage door, gate or security light (CALL FOR DETAILS)

* LT450 Complete System – consists of 1 x LT400 Vehicle System and 1 x LT430 House System (CALL FOR DETAILS)

* LT400-M Motorcycle Kit – includes everything needed to fit a transponder to a Motor Cycle, as well as waterproof and weatherproof toughened control elements (CALL FOR DETAILS)

The LT400 also however…

  • Protects against all laser traps
  • Audible & Visual Alerts
  • 8 Second Stealth mode before auto switching off
  • No “Jammed” signal on Police Laser Gun
  • Discrete, permanent installation
  • 500 watts switching
  • Small laser diode – more powerful and reliable than LED based systems
  • Convex optical lenses – excellent detection on pick up – even over 1500 meters
  • Use on its own or in conjuction with other GPS units for complete protection
  • Stand alone mode or compatible connection cable available for the following units…Road Angel Classic, Road Angel 2, OB2, Micro Road Pilot, Snooper S4
  • Reason for use and legal – switch on lights, open garage doors or gates.

The Target Car Kit LT400 includes the following:

  • 1 x LT400 Car Transponder
  • 1 x LED
  • 1 x Piezo Signal Device
  • 1 x Spirit Level
  • All required connection and fastening material


The LaserTrack Car Kit LT400 is easy to install and instructions are supplied in the manual, however because vehicles are becoming evermore complex (on-board computers etc) we do recommend you seek a qualified auto-electrician to install the Car Kit.


Questions & Answers

Q1. Can other Target LaserTrack users gain access to my grounds or garage?
A1. No, Target LaserTrack has more than 4.5 thousand million unique codes. Only vehicles for which the code has been programmed in the basic transponder can gain access.

Q2. Does the Target LaserTrack laser beam damage the eye?
A2. No, the Target LaserTrack is a Class 1 laser and is, therefore, completely safe.

Q3. Can I control other systems or equipment than those mentioned in the manual using LaserTrack?
A3. Yes, in principle all electrical systems can be switched on and off remotely using the Target LaserTrack. We recommend contacting the dealer for the system before applying the Target LaserTrack.

Q4. Does the Target LaserTrack meet all legal requirements & can I legally use the system anywhere?
A4. Yes, the Target LaserTrack meets the highest European standards for automotive accessories. Although interference with other equipment such as laser guns cannot be ruled out, the system may be used everywhere for the purpose it was developed. The system may not be used for other purposes than that for which it was developed by the manufacturer.

Nationwide fitting available at a cost of £89.99


Target LT400 Laser Jammer