Laser Pro Park – Advanced Laser Diffuser

Key Features
The laser park XS is not sold or packaged as a ‘laser jammer’. The handbook clearly shows it is an operational device that is used for parking and operates on the same, licence free wavelength of 904 nm as do many other devices.

Police Laser guns transmit about 100 pulses of infared light in one-third of a second at a reflective area of a car, usually the front number plate. These pulses reflect to the gun, which then calculates how much the distance is changing over time and therefor the vehicle speed. The Laser park XS detects these pulses and returns its own laser beam at the same wavelength. In order to prevent interference with other laser based systems the laser park XS has been designed to alert the driver of possible interference & if necessary switch the system down.

The system mainly operates as a front parking sensor.

Laser Park XS serves more than one purpose and consequently there is no problem fitting one to your vehicle.

Included in box
Laser sensor
junction box
wiring harness
user guide
fixing brackets and fasteners

*Nationwide fitting available at a cost of £89.99

Laser Pro Park - Advanced Laser Diffuser