Status S315 Omni Directional TV antenna

Key Features

Descreet Modern TV antenna. FREEVIEW Compatible
Ideal for use on your Boat, Motorhome or Caravan. Recieves both horizontal and Vertical Signals. Comes complete with 5 or 10 metres of coaxial, can be adjusted upto 22 degrees when mounted, ideal to keep level on most vehicle roof apertures.
Three fitting options as standards: Permanent Fitting, 25mm Mast Fitting and Suction Pad Fitting.

Storage: The antenna can be removed from the mounting foot and a blanking plate (included) fitted.

Frequency Range         TV         UHF 470-860 MHz
TV          VHF 40-230 MHz
Radio   FM 88-108 MHz

Power Supply                12-24v DC

Dimensions                    Antenna Dome diameter        315mm
Mounting Foot diameter         185mm
Height (overall)                         280mm
Height (excluding pinnacle)   180mm
Height (mounting foot)             50mm


Status S315 Omni Directional TV antenna