Motorhomes and Caravan Tracking Monitors

Key Features
Tracker Monitor – Stolen Vehicle Recovery SystemTracker Monitor acts as a homing device for your vehicle.

Backed by all 52 UK Police Forces
Unauthorised movement triggers the Tracker Monitor which in turn alerts Tracker HQ who will then contact you to confirm the vehicle has been stolen, once confirmed Tracker HQ alert Police who will track the vehicle and pinpoint its exact location.

Tracker will then provide a uniformed guard to wait with the vehicle until it can be recovered to a location of your request (Guard & recover only applies to vehicles stolen and recovered within the UK)

Fitting Included
Price includes installation on site at your home (anywhere in the midlands) or at our fully equipped workshop based at our Leicester head office

Subscription Required (Paid to Tracker)
Annual Subscription £119
One Off Subscription £325 (duration of ownership of vehicle)

Motorhomes and Caravan Tracking Monitors